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Gallowglass expansion into High Court Bailiff Enforcement.

Constant innovation and boldness, combined with a desire to provide outstanding levels of service for our customers continues to underpin our ambition to be industry leaders in the service sectors in which we operate. Nowhere has this been more evident to date, than in the outstanding reputation we have worked so diligently to achieve in the provision of event and property security services. In the spirit of innovation, we are delighted to announce that we have now gone fully operational with the inception of our latest service sector, High Court Bailiff Enforcement.

The creation of a High Court Bailiff Enforcement sector was a logical move; given that for many years we have been frequently engaged by many Bailiff firms as Enforcement Support Officers in the expeditious recovery of land and property, and the restoration of the same to their rightful lawful owners.

Many of these recovery operations have been large scale and complex undertakings that have frequently attracted intense mainstream and social media attention. Our cachet amongst Bailiffs has been driven by a number of factors; notably the extensive, nuanced and accumulated wisdom of our enforcement officers together with our ability to rapidly deploy our enforcement teams nationwide as soon as High Court orders are issued. The defining hall mark of our successful approach is the premium that we attach to leadership, rigourous planning, and important core characteristics that we insist upon team members possessing, notably physical presence, courage, patience, diplomacy and surprising though it may seem, a degree of empathy.

Against this background we took the view that by operating a “one stop shop” principle with bailiff and security services under one roof, together with working in partnership with our carefully selected legal team and other ancillary services; that we offer two major advantages for the benefit of our clients. Firstly, by rationalising our services in a clear and transparent way we believe that we will reduce the overall cost of recovery. Secondly, by being in control of the whole process by directly controlling its constituent elements, we will expedite the enforcement process to its successful conclusion.

Our Enforcement sector is headed up by Karl Smith (MHCEOA, MCEAA) a highly experienced, able and urbane Bailiff, with unrivalled industry knowledge. It is a great pleasure to welcome him. Through Karl Gallowglass Security Partners LLP are able to offer the full panoply of bailiff services including: High Court Enforcement, Recovery of Debts (Writ of Control), Recovery of Property or Land (Writ of Possession), Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR), Commercial Forfeiture, and Evictions (by Court order and Common Law). Karl is supported by two additional bailiffs who have undergone conversion internally to qualify as Bailiffs from Security Officer’s. It is envisaged that another five key personnel at Gallowglass will be undergoing similar conversion.

Karl says of his appointment “ Accepting the invitation to join Gallowglass as a Partner was a simple decision to make, and one that I made with alacrity !  I used to instruct them frequently as they enjoyed a fine reputation as a premier security organisation who were wholly reliable at all times of the day, possessing great tactical acumen on the ground, together with delivering their service with great urgency and elan.

Above all I was hugely impressed with the vision and ambition of Giles Turnbull to consolidate these related services under one roof as it will lead ultimately to massively improved quality, speed and cost in the recovery process for the benefit of our clients, it’s a game changer”.

If you have any enforcement queries, please contact Karl on either Enforcement@galsec.co.uk or 0207 326 7840

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