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Howards Way Walk 2016 and the Gallant Gallowglass Five

It was with a palpable sense of buzz and expectancy; that the great and the good from the event world assembled at the Emirates Stadium on a muggy overcast afternoon on Friday the 3rd June, in readiness for the start of the much anticipated Howards Way Walk 2016.

This popular and prestigious fundraising event for research into pancreatic cancer has long since become embedded in the event community calendar, and has seen all manner of challenges since inception. This year it was decided that it take the form of a ten mile walk, commencing at the Emirates Stadium and meandering through North London to its conclusion in West London at Stamford Bridge.

We were delighted to be able to contribute to this wonderful and convivial event, in terms of providing free event security, and participants to support the fundraising efforts. Initially the portents for us were not good following the untimely withdrawal of Peter Petrov for operational reasons, and so, the gallant Gallowglass six became the gallant Gallowglass five; namely Tania Brynard, Agata Cacova, Karolina Borucinska, George Oliver and George Mjavanadze.

Despite being a team member short and the daunting challenge awaiting them, there was a good humoured air of insouciance about the Gallowglass security team that masked their inner steeliness. At the outset, they had eschewed all thoughts of prior preparation on the grounds of thorough indecency, as well as the designer lycra and handmade trainers favoured by others, and set to the task in true Corinthian style and spirit. And so, it was time for one last cigarette, or so they thought, and they were off at 5:40 pm.

The team all set off at a brisk pace, which was to remain unabated throughout the walk. Once they had passed the crowds of those leaving work and Friday night revellers in Camden and Regents Park, they really hit their stride following a comfort and cigarette break at Hyde Park from which there was no looking back. Spurred on by the prospect of ice cold beer and champagne cocktails at the events conclusion, they hit the finishing line first and some 30 to 40 minutes ahead of anyone else.

A very special mention should go to the indomitable and hugely impressive Agata Cacova. Who, despite being over seven months pregnant, kept up a scorching and relentless pace herself, and was the eighth person to cross the finishing line at Stamford Bridge.

We were thrilled that the organisers gave two of the event’s awards to two Gallowglass security team members. The “Athlete of the Day “award went to Tania Brynard with her rangy pacey style that was fuelled by her Afrikaans determination; and the “Captain of the Day” award went to ex Georgian under 21 rugby international star George Mjavanadze, in bringing all his rugby motivational skills to bear in propelling the team over the finishing line with such speed and panache.

It’s not too late to make a donation in recognition of the gallant Gallowglass fives fantastic efforts in supporting Howards Way Walk 2016; and their amazing efforts to raise funds for research to find a cure for pancreatic cancer.

If you can, please be generous and dig deep. Donating could not be easier, just follow this link: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/GallowglassSecurity

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