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Meet the team - Alla Kasabian

Alla Kasabian

The character Gracchus memorably said of Lucilla in Ridley Scott’s epic film #Gladiator; “ My lady, as always, your lightest touch commands obedience “. Much the same can rightly be said of Alla Kasabian, a steely and charming young woman, who is the lynch pin of our operations department.

Alla is responsible for extracting data and information from a wide variety of sources and ensuring the accurate inputting of this vital information to ensure the seamless administration of Gallowglass’s service delivery process. If one small thing goes wrong in her area of operation, so can many others potentially, or put another way, very much a case of the beat of the butterflies wings.

Exuding a calmness under pressure and with a deft touch at all times, Alla is always in firm control of her responsibilities and others, and this is never more apparent in what some might describe as a testosterone fueled security operations environment.

Originally from #Armenia and fluent in Armenian, English and Russian, she adds greatly to the vibrant cosmopolitan melting pot that is #Gallowglass. Like many of her colleagues at Gallowglass she is highly educated as reflected by securing a noteworthy upper second in Oil and Gas Management awarded by the #GreenwichSchoolofManagement (University of Plymouth).

When not at work she likes to spend her time in indulging a varied range of interests that include developing her leadership skills, fitness, travel as well as the intellectual pursuits of psychology and Science.

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