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Meet the Team - George Oliver

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

As part of our “meet the team series”, we profile Gallowglass Property Partner, George Oliver.

George grew up and enjoyed a halcyon youth in the Scottish Borders, spending his winters playing rugby and shooting, and his summers sailing and fishing.

He went on to spend an extended gap year travelling in sub-Saharan Africa, before attending the Royal Agricultural College of Cirencester. There he studied International Agricultural Business, where he obtained an honours degree.

Following graduation he worked briefly in the City of London, before finally finding his opportunity in his chosen field of ambition in Property, as the Gallowglass’s Vacant Property Manager in 2009.

Under George’s leadership there has been significant growth in the portfolio of vacant properties under Gallowglass management. The client base is as diverse as it prestigious; and ranges from blue chip organisations, property and land agents, banks, bailiffs, charities, religious organisations, housing associations and high net worth individuals.

George has been instrumental in adding value to the property sector with the introduction of wireless based alarm systems to empty properties, which operates highly effectively with our twenty four hour mobile security response team.

On account of his superb work ethic, and his success as property manager, the Gallowglass Partners had no hesitation in inviting him to become a Partner in December 2012.

Currently George is looking to expand the range of property related services that Gallowglass currently offers, with a view to the establishment of a fully integrated facility’s management service.

What is really appreciated by our clients is the breadth of George’s urbane knowledge of the properties and the property market; as well his availability and responsiveness to their needs, together with his old school Scottish charm and dry wit.

His interests include rugby, field sports, historical fiction and fine wine. He is a towering authority also on the life of the great 19th Century Scottish seafarer, Thomas Cochrane.

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