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Wedding of the year!

Saturday the 9th of May was a highly anticipated date in the Gallowglass calendar, as it signalled the closing chapter of the raffish bachelor days of proud Scotsman and Gallowglass Property Manager, George Oliver; with the celebration of his marriage with his beautiful and delightful Californian bride, Caroline Vaughan.

There was an air of added frisson to the celebrations on this wonderful day, as it was more than union of kindred spirits, but a coming together of two diverse families, separated by culture as well as the pond. Predictions that this glorious mix of healthy and glowing Californians, with their laid back and easy going charm; with the kilted, passionate and hard drinking Scots, was likely to resemble the Fockers meet Braveheart, were not misplaced!

Proceedings formally commenced in the intimate and elegant Victorian setting of St Paul’s Knightsbridge at 3.00pm with all the guests being ushered in by a Scottish piper. Though the bridegroom himself, in the company of those who should have known better, got matters of to an informal start at the nearby Horse and Groom, opening by special arrangement, just to settle a few pre nuptial jitters.

The traditional bridegroom fear of a bride having  a last minute change of heart were quickly dispelled by the opening notes of the timeless baroque composition, The Prince of Denmark’s March, which announced the dramatic and elegant entry of Caroline, which simply added to the lustre of the occasion, and air of romance that pervaded the ceremony.

She stunned all, with her being adorned in a hand made flowing Ivory wedding dress with its exquisite lacy detail over the neckline. It does have to be said also, that George scrubbed up rather well, and cut quite a dash in his morning suit and trews.

A short, simple, yet elegant ceremony followed, with a delightful rendition of Robert Burn’s “A Red Red Rose” by Peter Wylie, and in an unexpected twist “He’s not perfect” by Bob Marley, eloquently read by Gavin Howard.

From there it was time to adjourn to the Caledonian Club for mother of all ceilidh’s, where the guests were welcomed in to the skirl of the pipes and went on to greatly enjoy the lavish hospitality. Country dancing featured strongly, with stripping the willow and the dashing white sergeant proving ever popular.

The jazz band, the Brogues, failed to quell the Scots inexhaustible capacity and penchant for a hoolie, and went onto enjoy the distinction, if it can be put that way, of drinking the Caledonian Club dry of Bells and Famous Grouse whiskey.

Above the skirl of the pipes, some swear that they could hear the wails of Chelsea licensees, and young un attached lovelies. One thing is for sure, following this memorable occasion , Georges old stomping ground the Kings Road, will now be a much quieter and poorer place with George tying the knot!

Our congratulations to George and Caroline.

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