noun. a solder, originating in the Western Isles of Scotland, armed retainer of a chief in ancient Ireland and other Celtic countries.

[Gaelic - gallόglach, pl. gallόglaich, gall meaning foreigner, όglach meaning youth, servant or warrior]

Around 1250 the ‘gallόglaich’ left the Western Isles of Scotland to seek glory and fortune in strife torn Ireland.  Without the protection of these ‘gallόglaich’, no Irish chief could hope to stay in power.  In war, they formed his elite vanguard; in peace, they acted as his bodyguards and enforcers of his will.

Times have changed but, certain values are timeless, since 1999 we have sought to apply the very best of the Gallowglass values of leadership, strength, courage, presence and loyalty together with dedication to service in our approach to business.

These core values together with the progressive approach of Gallowglass Security continue to drive our growth so that we have a presence throughout all parts of the UK and are set to expand into Europe.

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