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A key service sector for Gallowglass Security, is our corporate security provision for major corporations at their Annual General Meetings (AGM’s), and on occasions Emergency General Meetings (EGM’s).

An AGM is a meeting of shareholders and directors, and mandatory requirement for all quoted Companies, who must convene one within six months of their financial year end. The main purposes generally, though not exclusively, are to receive the accounts, vote on dividends and appoint directors.

An EGM is a general meeting other than an annual meeting, and can be called by directors, or members who hold not less than 10% of the paid up voting shares, or who represent not less than 10% of the voting rights. EGM’s tend to be called if there is a pressing matter that cannot wait until the AGM, and must be called in certain circumstances such as a substantial loss of capital.

Since our inception in 1999, we have acquired immense knowledge and experience of conducting security provision at AGM’s on behalf FTSE 100 listed Companies and household names such as Anglo American, Whitbread, Rexam, Compass and Balfour Beatty to name a few. We have also provided security at EGM’s, the most notable being Northern Rock, as the credit crunch unfolded, at both Newcastle and Sheffield.

The overwhelming majority of general meetings pass off efficiently and without incident, as it is anticipated that they will. As with event security; preparation, planning and liaison with the organisers are essential pre requisites of an efficient and effective security regime.

The need for vigilance though is always an uppermost consideration, as some meetings can be controversial and will attract activist shareholders, who may wish to express a contrary view to the board and other shareholders, or indeed deliberately disrupt proceedings in order to promote a cause.

With the application of proper preventative measures, the risk of disruption can be minimised and eliminated. There is a very fine line between lawful expression of dissent, and disruption. If this is not properly understood, and handled poorly, then the PR implications can be dire.

This is something that the Labour Party found out to its cost in 2005, at their party conference in which an 82 year peace campaigner and former escapee from Nazi Germany, Walter Wolfgang, was thrown out of the conference hall for heckling.

We believe that our diligent approach, together with our accumulated wisdom and knowledge of AGM’s, accounts for the repeated demand for our services year on year. More than that, Gallowglass Security Executive Partner Mo Younis, is asked for in person to lead to lead as well. (See http://is.gd/KeXpzB for blog profile.) 

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